My Camera Gear for 2021

For the past six years I have been shooting with Fujifilm cameras. After selling my Canon T2i, I got my hands on a small Fujifilm X100S for something I could carry with me on film sets or on any trips I might go on. Quickly I grew to like the ergonomics of the "old school" dials and styling of the camera, but also the amazing colours it brought out in images. I later found I needed the ability to swap lenses, so I upgraded to the X-Pro2 when it was released and later on the X-T3 when I found that I needed more video capability.

Now in 2021, with my focus solely on photography (specifically in sport,) I decided to build upon what I had with the X-T3. I got a second body, the vertical grip, and the two workhorse zoom lenses (16-55mm and 50-140mm.) The size and weight of the cameras are nice for running around races for hours, and the autofocus is extremely fast to grab subjects. Having the second body will finally let me get shots with the long lens of riders in the distance then quickly swap to the 16-55mm body for when they get close. Having those options ready when riders only come by a few times is very important.

The Godox V860ii is the first speedlight I've owned. I primarily got this for small portrait shoots or product shots I can do at home. Of the speedlights I researched, the price and versatility of the Godox ecosystem was hard to ignore and it hasn't disappointed. I'm hoping to get some more strobes in the future to go with the Godox remote trigger I have.

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