Dream Build - Trek Emonda SLR

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Here it is. FINALLY. This bike is something I have waited for over a year. I had anticipated it's release last April, only to find out that staff purchases of this model were embargoed. Along comes the COVID pandemic and now bikes are a hot commodity and are in short supply. Lead times grew longer and the employee embargo persisted.

I had plans on building up an Emonda ALR frame (,which is now available in a size 56cm if anyone is interested) with some of the same components I was looking to get on my dream machine then eventually put on that frame.

Low and behold, this February I get a secret message from a Trek HQ employee saying this bike was available for staff purchase if you can find one that is in stock. Thankfully, I had just picked up all the parts for the Emonda ALR build, so all that was missing was the SLR frame I had always dreamed of.

That same day, I went through several revisions of Project One frame options I had played with over the winter (mostly because it's fun to drool over the amazing paint jobs!) and settled on the Solid Logo. The main frame is Navy Carbon Smoke, which at a distance just looks Navy but up close you can see the details of the carbon weave of the frame. The Trek logo is Old Style Gold.

Frame arrives at the shop. First thing people want to know it's weight. 1.17kg for frame and fork. Pretty light! With the mechanics swamped in work with spring tune-ups, I would be building up my dream bike with my own hands. Something I've never done before. They kept a watchful eye on me and offered helpful suggestions from their workbenches, but I managed to build this bike all by myself. As someone who isn't all to technical I am very proud of that.

Aside from patting myself of the back, the whole bike with all attached parts, came to a weight of 16.09lbs or 7.29kg. For a bike with 47mm deep, disc wheels and Force AXS (minus the RED crankset) that is pretty light! My last Emonda SLR with mechanical Dura-Ace, rim brakes and 35mm wheels came in at just over 15lbs. For a bike that is more aerodynamic that it's previous self, I think that is an impressive weight.

For the details, this is what is spec'd on the bike:

Frame: Emonda SLR OCLV 800, size 56cm

Wheels and Tires: Bontrager XXX 4 with Pirelli PZero Velo 25mm Tires

Cockpit: Bontrager Pro Stem -7D 100mm with Bontrager XXX 40cm Handlebar

Crankset: SRAM AXS RED 50/37 172.5mm Crankset w/ QUARQ Powermeter

Groupo: SRAM Force AXS Hydraulic Disc (160mm C/L Rotors front/rear)

Saddle: Bontrager XXX Saddle (65 grams!)

Pedals: Shimano R8000 Ultegra Pedals

Cages: Tacx Ciro Gloss Black

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