MVDH Cyclocross Video

This past week I was given the opportunity to shoot video for the first time in over two years. I've taken plenty of photos of Canada's cyclocross champion, but when he reached out to ask if I wanted to shoot a few videos for him, I couldn't say no. Below is a quick 70sec video pumping up Michael van den Ham for his 2022-2023 cyclocross campaign and to show off his sponsors.

During the same day of filming as the hype video, we did three cyclocross tips videos to help newcomers to the sport learn some technical skills. The first of them being setting the right tire pressure. Even though I work in a cycling environment all day, it's great to see a professional cyclist explain things and then demonstrate it. The slow motion we shot really helps to visualize what he is trying to explain.

This next video demonstrates some ways of practicing cornering during the off-season, so you can maximize the speed you can carry throughout the course. Find yourself a baseball diamond and give yourself grades on how well you keep the bike up!

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